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Hope this guide is helpful!

Nearest MRT

Canberra MRT Station

Nearby MRT Station

Sembawang MRT Station

Yishun MRT Station

Buses Available

883 883B 883M 117 117M

Nearest Bus Stop

  • Blk 104C (58511)

  • Opp Blk 104B (58519)

Key Bus Stops boarding towards 'Opp Blk 104B'

  • Yishun Stn (59079)

  • Canberra Stn (58549)

  • Punggol Stn/int (65259)

  • Bef Seletar Camp G (68111)

  • Bef Khatib Stn (59041)

Key Bus Stops boarding towards 'Blk 104C'

  • Sembawang Int (58009)

  • Opp Sembawang Stn (58219)

**Choose to alight at Blk 104C

if its raining!**

Taxi / Ride-hailing Services

Kindly input this address

'104A Canberra Street'

or input postal code


or if you are using Grab

search for

'Tee (DOT) Nail Bar'

Nearest Carpark

Blk 106 Canberra Street

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