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Chinese New Year Nails

Check out the full details before making an appointment with us!

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You may find the updated slots on my IG here.

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Keeping it  Simple

Choice of choosing your lucky color for the year; if you don't know what is your lucky color, keep it simple and go red!


Themed Based

Want to incorporate a few designs that you can't make up your mind? Want some charms and some drawings? Fret not, just leave it to me and I will work something out just for you!

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Character Drawing

Want your zodiac sign? or even the zodiac of the year? Maybe some fortune cat? It's the best time to get it during this festive season!


Touch of the Season

How about something that matches your outfit? Or you want something that has a touched of festive flavor but at the same time you don't want it to be too much? Lets work something out together!

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