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Newly Weds

Bridal Nails Series

Get inspirations for your special day!



We understand it is extremely tedious in planning the perfect wedding of your dreams. Over here at Tee (DOT) Nail Bar, we offer our brides-to-be a more affordable option to have pretty nails. We offer an all-in package for you and it is fully customizable. Share with us your ideas, we will work something out to suit your budget and at the same time getting pretty nails for your special day. Feel free to contact us to find out more!

The 4 series below are the main series of popular bridal nails for your considerations. It is fully customizable! If you have any inspirations that are not included in the series, feel free to contact us and see how we can achieve your ideal nails look. 

with love,




The simple yet classic look, the blush. Adding the extra glitter to the blush makes your nails pop even more. It goes well with both long and short nails, this is highly recommended!



It is always pretty to get charms, crystals, embellishments on nails, giving your nails that extra blings make everything about you stands out on your special day! It is encouraged to choose charmed nails with long nails or with extensions as it will look prettier and there will be more surface for us to doll them up.




Florals are one of the popular go to theme for bridal nails, as it is classy yet simple at the same time. It can match well with your everyday outfit even after the ceremony. 


Match your gown

Want something unique and not nude or white? How about match your nail colors with your alternate gown? This bride-to-be has an alternate gown color of blue and off-white. We did some shades of blue and nude to match both her gown well.

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